Trend-Setting Cold Chain Technology Results in National Exposure for American Thermal Instruments

DAYTON, Ohio – September 17, 2010 – American Thermal Instruments (ATI) will be featured in a nationally broadcast video on emerging cold chain management technologies. “Today in America,” hosted by Terry Bradshaw, highlights the latest technological trends impacting people and businesses. The five-minute segment featuring ATI will air nationally on the FOX Business Network and in 19 major regional markets on CNN Headline News.

While ATI manufactures a broad range of temperature monitoring devices, its LOG-IC® wireless RFID technology is the primary focus of the “Today in America” broadcast. Brad Proctor, Executive Director & CEO of Dayton Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Convergence Center, a business incubator, explains in the segment that visibility into the cold chain provides critical cost advantages today. Referencing LOG-IC, Proctor says, “this product is probably two years ahead of anybody else out there in the field.”

LOG-IC has been attracting the attention of the pharmaceutical, food, medical and chemical industries due to its ability to offer advanced temperature monitoring quickly and cost-effectively. “The timing for the national exposure couldn’t be better,” said Matty Toomb, ATI Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Businesses are looking for greater efficiencies and cost savings, and at the same time, there’s more emphasis on accountability and compliance with regulatory issues in the cold chain.”

The broadcast also highlights the recent strategic partnership between ATI and Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS), an international provider of solutions for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical, blood and biologic products.

LOG-IC technology will become an integral part of the MTS Credo® line of thermal shipping containers. In the broadcast, Karl Schlenker, MTS Vice President of Strategic Business Development explains the challenges of shipping temperature-sensitive materials and the significance of the partnership. “The two products working together now allow us to deliver the product, but also verify and maintain that there’s never been any excursion,” he said.
ATI and MTS will both be exhibiting at the 8th Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals Global Forum in Philadelphia, September 20-23, 2010. Attendees will have the opportunity to view these trend-setting products and technologies and gain further insights on the benefits. In addition, registered attendees will receive an email with a link to the “Today in America” video. The video will also be posted on the ATI website.