Better information, better decisions.

As a manager or entrepreneur you want to have a fix on your critical business processes. You want essential and up-to-date information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: real-time measurement data that show you where your goods, vehicles or other operating assets are located and under what conditions. You want to know how often your vehicles stop, where and for how long. Dyzle has smart track & trace solutions for every logistics entrepreneur or fleet manager. These enable you to optimize your route planning and deploy the available vehicles and staff more effectively.

Dyzle excels at monitoring refrigerated transport. Dyzle solutions enable you to know whether your valuable goods are being transported at the right temperature. The combination of real-time location data with temperature data provides you with essential management information. Optimizing the entire logistics chain improves efficiency for all parties involved.

The cold chain inevitably involves multiple parties. The fact that Dyzle solutions do not rely on any single system makes it easy to exchange data, real time or otherwise, among them. Producers, transporters and customers can share the information. This way you have immediate, 24/7 oversight of the process – from behind your PC or on your PDA – from the moment the product leaves the factory, say, to the point when it reaches the end customers.

Better quality, higher profit.

How ‘cool’ are you? Do you know where your valuable goods are at all times and the conditions under which they are being transported?

As a business owner in the transport and logistics sector you want detailed insight into the routes your lorries, semitrailers and vehicles take and the stops they make. and for temperature controlled transport, you also want to know whether your goods are being transported at the right temperature. Dyzle’s strength is combining location and temperature data. This combination helps you plan more efficiently and monitor both the quality of your goods and your costs.

Imagine your company as a landscape full of interconnected processes criss-crossing various locations. Dyzle helps you make the right decision based on the correct information.

Exact location and route always known

Thanks to live location determination from Dyzle you always know the exact location of your vehicles and goods. This not only includes the trucks themselves (which often already have a GPS solution) but more importantly the trailers. With Dyzle you follow the cargo – wherever it may be:
With Dyzle you have 24/7 live information about all the relevant locations.

  • You have insight into the odometer readings, speeds, routes and rest periods.
  • You can specify the limits at which you wish to receive a warning.
  • Data you receive from Dyzle is exchanged via secure servers

Temperature management

Does your company transport temperature-sensitive goods? Then Dyzle can help you improve the quality of the business process. With our wireless sensors you can record the temperatures during transport. Temperature too high or too low? Then you receive a warning and the driver can immediately correct the situation.

Clear oversight, improved profitability

Always knowing exactly where your goods and company vehicles are located leads to a rapid improvement of the profitability:

  • Improving inefficient transport routes begins with having clear insight into the situation.
  • You serve your clients better. After all, you are aware of any delays faced by your delivery vehicles and can notify your client immediately.
  • The data you receive from Dyzle is exchanged via secure servers. You comply with all the administrative and formal requirements.