Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Reporting & Alarming

System5 is IceSpy®’s latest flexible and reliable wireless monitoring system.
Over 16 years of knowledge, experience and expertise of wireless monitoring has been invested into System5, giving you the confidence of installing a system that will meet your every need. IceSpy® products have built in monitoring for temperature, humidity and door events. With System5, you can add sensors to monitor many other parameters such as gases, flow rates, pressure or pH levels.

What does System5 Monitor?
System5 is used to monitor fridges, cold rooms, storage facilities, vehicles, warehouses, laboratory equipment such as -80°C freezers and incubators, and manufacturing processes.

The system consists of Scout transmitters that log, store and wirelessly send readings to the BasePlus unit. Data can be downloaded to either a single PC, IT network, or to the Internet. Echoes can be used to extend the range of the system.

How System5 Works?

System Features

Reliable & Secure Data
  • Avoid costly, disruptive and complicated cable installations
  • Easy system expansion or relocation; new sensors are automatically detected and easily set up
  • 1km outdoor range, and one of the longest ranges available on a typical indoor site. Extendible using Echoes
  • Built-in memory within transmitters and base unit ensure data integrity
Live & Continuous Monitoring
  • Saves time taking manual readings
  • No need to manually download data loggers
  • Automatically gathers and stores readings from transmitters
  • Live readings can be viewed at a glance on the BasePlus, PC or on the web
Flexible Alarm Options
The need to receive reliable and timely alarms is critical. System5’s alarm features have been developed to cover almost every eventuality and requirement:
  • Visual and audible alarms on BasePlus unit and on PC
  • Remote alarms by text message, email, switchboard, BMS
  • Alarms can be scheduled for specific users, departments, times of day, or days of week
  • Loss of power and loss of data alarms
  • ‘Repeat’ and ‘cascading’ alarms to multiple recipients
  • ‘Alert’ and ‘Action’ alarms
Easy Data Access and Reporting
  • Data from multiple sites or departments can be managed by a single system
  • Data is easily viewed and managed in user friendly software
  • Reports and graphs can be easily created and exported to a variety of formats, e.g. Excel, PDF and HTML
  • Single or multi user software
  • Automatically calculate industry specific parameters, such as ‘mean kinetic temperature’, ‘pasteurisation rates’ and ‘dewpoint’
  • Site plan view
Assists Regulatory Compliance
MHRA CPA, 21CFR Part 11 ISO9001/2008 Human Tissue Regulations HACCP The ‘Extra-Secure’ software version is used extensively by the pharmaceutical industry to help meet US Food & Drug Administration 21CFR Part11 regulations. It offers maximum system security with special features such as full audit trails, electronic signatures and enhanced data and access security.

Web Access
  • Access your latest System5 data and alarms from anywhere via the internet
  • View latest data in graphical and tabular formats
  • Print, or export data to PDF or CSV
  • Investigate new alarm events without having to travel to site
  • View and acknowledge alarm events remotely (automatically updates your local System5)
  • View and acknowledge connectivity alarms (transmitters and internet connections)
Validation is a quality assurance process of establishing evidence that a product, service, or system meets its intended requirements with high degree of assurance. This will involve acceptance of fitness for purpose with end users and possibly other product stakeholders.

Validation is a critical component of a quality management system such as ISO 9001. Sometimes validation work is performed by a disinterested third party, to avoid a conflict of interest by either the supplier of the product or the end user.

IceSpy System5 is often deployed in pharmaceutical environments where there is a need to satisfy the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

System5 ‘ExtraSecure’ version offers functionality in addition to the standard version in order to meet the FDA’s requirements for the proper use of electronic records as defined in 21 CFR Part11.The suggested validation procedures for System5 make the assumption that end-users are working to these requirements, and will be using the ‘Extra-Secure’ version. As such, the validation process includes tests to ensure that System5 can meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 as part of an end-user’s standard operating procedures.

Validation MUST be carried out be IT literate personnel who also have a sound working knowledge of general validation principles. We undertake this task will have a Certificate of Competence to carry out this work.