Revolutionized your cold chain with LOG-IC RFID temperature monitoring. Featuring wireless RFID (radio frequency identification) technology – the versatile, compact, fully-featured design of LOG-IC answers the needs of virtually every industries where temperature matters.

Numerous options and customizable features give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your particular business challenge.

Durable, water-resistant or waterproof LOG-IC data loggers travel lightly throughout your cold chain and perform exceptionally in tough and demanding conditions.

The LOG-IC USB option extends LOG-IC temperature monitoring advantages to any point in your cold chain, such as clinical trials, where investment in reader may not be feasible.

The USB option offers numerous benefits:

  • Access to temperature data without readers
  • Easy data downloads using universal USB port on any PC
  • Complete PDF reports immediately after plugging in tag
  • Temperature monitoring at any point in the cold chain
  • Immediate decision support and documentation via emailed PDF reports
  • Ability to pinpoint precise location of temperature abuse
  • Universal standards to simplify use and data sharing in global applications.

LOG-IC® Probe
The LOG-IC probe gives you a fast, cost-effective and accurate way to monitor core temperatures in large containers, in containers with metal components or in laboratory tests.

The LOG-IC probe gets to the heart of the matter, giving you substantial cost and efficiency advantages over other monitoring systems.

With LOG-IC probe, you take additional advantages of LOG-IC deeper into your cold chain. This answers a critical need for precise and timely temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical applications.

Handheld Reader/Desktop Reader Product Information
Product Description:
ATI’s LOG-IC readers deliver tremendous efficiency savings with wireless monitor activation and the ability to capture and view temperature data without opening boxes. Now you can avoid costly inefficiencies of common sensors, which require you to download data from each sensor at a docking station or limit you to one download. With LOG-IC, you can scan and view tag data as often as necessary.

LOG-IC readers allow faster, more different data retrievel. Working as an integrated solution with LOG-IC RFID tags, they give you a superior alternative to common electronic sensor though:

  • Wireless RFID technology
  • Instant activation, scanning, viewing
  • Integrated software with fast, comprehensive decision support
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Tag Configurability
  • Capacity to capture and display 1000s of tags before PC download

Each LOG-IC reader also has a unique ID, linked to the data from each tag it scans, for greater traceability and control. You may also benefit from LOG-IC desktop readers, which can be mounted in a conveyor belt to quickly capture data in shipping and receiving. LOG-IC readers simplify every step in the process, reducing your risk with faster access to vital data.

LOG-IC® Solutions for Mobile NFC Devices
ATI’s NFC option extends LOG-IC temperature monitoring advantages by implementing the LOGIC Mobile App, making live data the standard in your cold chain.

You can protect critical shipments all the way down to the last mile with ATI’s NFC option for LOG-IC tags, your smartphone, checking shipments is as easy as answering a call.

The fully functional LOG-IC Mobile App enables recipients to review complete temperature history, including detailed charts, graphs and reports. It is currently compatible with NFC-capable, Android powered smartphones.

Click here to see how the LOG-IC Mobile App works with the NFC Logger tag

Product Specs
Product Size: 5.79cm x 5.79cm x 0.17cm
Response Temperatures: -30°C to +75°C
Accuracy: ±0.5°C from -30°C to +30°C; ±1°C from +30°C to +75°C (tighter accuracy available)
Format: Wireless RFID tag Indicator
Display/Type: Three on-board LED lights
Environmental: Non-hazardous materials can be sent back to ATI for recycling
Activation: Start button or Reader-activated
HI/LO Alerts: Programmable
Start Delay: Programmable
Storage: Room temperature
Battery Life: Up to 3 years.

The Certiscan® mobile reader uses LOG-IC’s wireless RFID technology, so you can read or download tag data without opening boxes.

LOG-IC temperature tags come in a variety of styles to fit your application: single- or multi-use; wireless functionality for activation, reading and download; built-in USB port; built-in temperature probe.

You can protect critical shipments all the way down to the last mile with ATI’s USB option for LOG-IC tags. And there’s no need to distribute readers.