With a market presence since 1939, sterilAir is leading in the area of developing and manufacturing UVC disinfection devices and components. sterilAir’s specific skills are in solution-orientated hygiene concepts that are tailor-made to the relative requirements of individual customers. The environmentally friendly sterilAir-UVC technology is primarily used for the disinfection of air, surfaces and fluids in- the food industry, air-conditioning equipment, building construction technology, laboratories, medicine and livestock breeding. With the know-how of 70 years of practical application, sterilAir can help consumers as well as manufacturers of appliances, building planers and product producers in a technically well-versed and scientifically founded manner.

UV-C Technology – the most natural form of disinfection
UV-C radiation is a natural component of sunlight. The anti-bacterial effect of this radiation has been known for a long time. A wavelength of 253.7 nm triggers changes in the genetic material of the micro- organisms, causing them to die. Unlike other systems, ultraviolet radiation effectively eliminates mould, yeasts, viruses and bacteria, without chemical residues, corrosion or undesirable additives.


Multiple application possibilities
No matter if in the food industry, hospitals, pharmacy & laboratory, air conditioning and recirculation, livestock breeding or printing industry – the areas of application are as varied as our products and components. For 70 years now, sterilAir has focused on UVC disinfection and provides scientifically founded hygiene concepts to the highest standards. Take advantage of our various application possibilities of UVC disinfection and the considerable potential for savings resulting from the employment of this technology.

All advantages at one glance

  • Highly effective against bacteria, yeasts, viruses and mould
  • No development of mutation related resistance
  • No chemicals, free from ozone and residues
  • No interruption of running work processes
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Tailor-made system concepts
  • Can be retrofitted into existing air conditioning concepts
  • Simple installation, versatile application, low-maintenance
  • Long service life of tubes
  • Conforming to VDI6022 and SWKI2003-5 standard
  • Optional shatter protected tubes (HACCP and IFS standard)

Air hygiene

You cannot reliably prevent the diffusion of spores, bacteria and viruses by adhering solely to current hygiene standards. In the area of comfort air conditioning, infections are the logical consequence. In the area of technical air conditioning, the spread of microorganisms leads to mould or reduced product quality. With comparably low investment costs, it is possible to benefit from every aspect of sterilAir UVC disinfection, resulting in a considerably reduced infection hazard and reduced cross-contamination.

Product Range

  • Air Recirculation Units
  • Wall-Mounted Systems
  • Ceiling-Mounted Emitters
  • HVAC Modules
  • Air Cooled Attachment

UV disinfection with air recirculation systems
sterilAir air recirculation systems disinfect room spaces with either a low convection or where a direct emission should be prevented in any case. sterilAir provides a number of air recirculation and disinfection units that are able to deal with air volumes of 180 m³/h to 450 m³/h. All systems are characterised by easy installation and maintenance.

Wall-mounted direct emitters

sterilAir wall-mounted systems are the most efficient and effective method for deactivating undesirable microorganisms. Depending on the system design and the form of integrated reflector, the emitted UV radiation can be directed or bundeled differently. Depending on the height of the room space, systems like this can also be used in room space under normal conditions of the passage of personnel and materials.

Ceiling-mounted direct emitters

sterilAir ceiling-mounted UV disinfection systems are generally used in production areas or laboratories where an intensive air disinfection over night is needed as well as significant microbial reductions on exposed surfaces. With additional components such as motion detectors, impact protection, programmable duration and different types of baffles and reflectors, these systems can be optimised in accordance to individual needs.

Installation module for HVAC-systems

sterilAir HVAC-modules can easily be retrofitted and incorporated in already existing air conditioning equipment and components. They function as an effective bactericidal ‘filter’ with almost no air resistance. Due to the development of special-thermo-tubes the UV emitters are protected against super cooling so that they can be positioned directly in the airflow. The number of required UV units is calculated by means of a complex software module, whereby all relevant parameters are taken into consideration.

Hygiene attachment for air coolers
Germs often adhere as a bio film on cooling fins of the air coolers, reduce cooling performance and in addition are then carried into the roomspace through the air discharge. With the sterilAir LKV air cooler attachment, UVC radiation is focused on these critical points and the protective stainless steel tubes also prevent present staff from being exposed to UV rays. The sterilAir air cooler attachment excels common air cooler hygiene systems in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Surface hygiene
Sterile packages and transportation belts are one of the most important prerequisites in the food industry to maintain hygiene and quality of dairy products, meat and fresh produce. With UVC radiation, safe and reliable disinfection is guaranteed. Without unfavourable effects of heat or unwanted additives, without any residue and within the shortest space of time.

Product Range

  • Superstructure Units
  • Substructure Systems
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Customized Solutions

Systems for surface disinfection

Superstructure systems are the traditional UV systems for surface disinfection. The UVC radiation is bundled with the assistance of special reflectors and then focused on the surface to be radiated. The high radiation intensity inactivates microorganisms in the shortest time possible. The very low surface temperature of the sterilAir appliances (~ 41 °C) also allow safe disinfection for materials that are sensitive to heat.

Conveyor belt disinfection
With the design of systems for substructure installation, sterilAir was able to establish a standard that is widespread today. This type of installation effectively prevents contact and smear infections of meat and fresh produce. Belts and containers remain safe in terms of microbiological activities, even when used in different shifts under conditions of ongoing production. Work routines need not be interrupted.

Components for individual applications
Surface hygiene plays an important role in many areas of the production process. In many plants of the food industry thus UV-components are frequently integrated for local disinfection. Extremely long replacement intervals of the UV emitters, exemplary low energy consumption, a very low surface temperature and a market-proven quality do make sterilAir UV-components the first choice for industrial machinery integration.

Special constructions to customer requirements

Through sterilAir laboratory, extensive measuring equipment and construction design with its qualified experts, sterilAir is able to meet special requests and execute them in consideration of the highest quality requirements.

Water hygiene
Water as a foodstuff is just as much a hygiene focus as technical process water. For example, microorganisms find ideal growth conditions in the “washing out” of airborne matter in recirculating spray humidifiers and cooling towers. Chemical disinfectants produce a number of undesirable side effects, for instance changes in the surface tension of the medium, general corrosion phenomena, foaming and odour formation. UVC treatment of water does not cause any of these problems. It is a purely physical process that does not generate any undesirable side products or residues. At the same time, the cost efficiency of this disinfection method is impressive.

Product Range

  • Superstructure Units
  • Substructure Systems
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Customized Solutions

Versatile UV immersion lamps

By means of a simple and very effective method, transparent and watery media can be disinfected with sterilAir immersion systems. The easy construction design allows the retrofitting of existing equipment. The carefully processed stainless steel construction and several seals in a sturdy tube fitting guarantee a high degree of operational saftey and system stability.

Closed vessels for water disinfection

sterilAir AQD flow-through photoreactors are an effective means of disinfecting service and industrial water. Dependent on user requirements, the systems can be supplied in an inexpensive PVC version, or in stainless steel. Thanks to the availability of numerous sizes, it is possible to plan for the most varied requirements – from 0.8m³/h – 10m³/h.

Flatbed reactors for processed fluids
sterilAir AQD flow-through photoreactors are an effective means of disinfecting service and industrial water. Dependent on user requirements, the systems can be supplied in an inexpensive PVC version, or in stainless steel. Thanks to the availability of numerous sizes, it is possible to plan for the most varied requirements – from 0.8m³/h – 10m³/h.